A tour bus and tractor-trailer collided outside of Palm Springs, Calif., early on Sunday morning, injuring dozens of people and killing at least 13 passengers.

At a press conference on Sunday afternoon, the chief of the local California Highway Patrol division said the bus collided into the back of the truck so forcefully that it traveled some 15 feet into the truck's trailer.


6 hours ago
Bob Henning

The river is one of those things we mostly take for granted. Today on Michiana Chronicles, Sid Shroyer takes a closer look.

On-air challenge: This is a game of categories based on the word "guard." For each category I give you, name something in it starting with each of the letters G-U-A-R-D.

For example, if the category were "Three-Syllable Girls' Names," you might say Gabrielle, Ursula, Andrea, Rosalind and Diana. Any answer that works is fine, and you can give the answers in any order.

This week's special guest: Savannah Guthrie, co-host of NBC's Today.

Astronauts used the International Space Station's robotic arm to grapple the Cygnus cargo spacecraft early Sunday morning, starting the process of bringing more than 5,100 pounds of supplies and research equipment aboard. The cargo's experiments include one thing astronauts normally avoid: fire.

"The new experiments include studies on fire in space, the effect of lighting on sleep and daily rhythms, collection of health-related data, and a new way to measure neutrons," NASA says.

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