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Today's guest host is MEASHA BRUEGGERGOSMAN.

-- Surprise celebrity guest host MEASHA BRUEGGERGOSMAN talks to filmmaker BARBARA WILLIS SWEETE about their recent collaboration on the documentary "Songs of Freedom."

Greenland like you've never seen it. More on that in a minute.

First, though, the Obama Administration has convened an international meeting in Washington this week to try to figure out how best to counter Islamic State's messaging and recruiting tactics. We're trying to find out more about what the President has in mind, and also take a look at the fate of similar programs in Britain.

With all of the cancelations MTSU is open as usual today (Thursday Feb. 19th).  However, there have been some changes made in the broadcasts of the basketball games with Marshall.  the Lady Raiders will tip off at noon today with an 11:30 am pregame show due to bad weather in West Virginia.  The men's team will play at 4:00 pm with a 3:30 pre-game show and there is a special.  

All tickets will be $2 (Cabin Fever Special!)  Mardis Gras promotion will continue.

Today's guest host is RACHEL GIESE.

-- Radio station manager SAMEEM SADAT and Afghan journalist MUJIB MASHAL discuss "The Night of the Lovers," a call-in radio show that's changing dating culture in Afghanistan.

Miss P steals the show at the Westminster Kennel Club. More on the British Columbian beagle in a minute.

First, though we're spending a good portion of the program today talking about ISIS, and efforts to counter their message. We'll speak with Graeme Wood, who has written about ISIS for The Atlantic, about the extremist group's ideology. Then, we'll take you to Libya, where ISIS has made huge inroads in the past few months. Host Carol Hills, in for Marco Werman, hears more on that from Libyan analyst Mohamed Eljarh.