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For decades, Andy Kim -- the songwriter behind massive hits like The Archie's Sugar Sugar -- has been largely absent from the music scene. Now the hit-making master is back with a new record, It's Decided.

If you want to be the best, you’ve got to measure yourself against the best.

That’s why American pizza chef Tony Gemignani likes to compete. Otherwise, who’s going to tell you if your food’s up to scratch — or if you’re still getting better?

The silence has been broken! Actor, filmmaker Kevin Smith takes the microphone for the second instalment of surprise celebrity guest host today.  Smith's extensive filmography includes irreverent comedies -- Mallrats, Clerks, Dogma, Chasing Amy, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back -- but also darker films, like his 2014 horror flick set in the Canadian wilderness, Tusk. Today Smith steps into the ring with the Q sports panel, sheds light on filmmaking process, and talks teen drama with the co-creator of Degrassi.

For Guido Schäffer, surfing was a religious experience.

In 2009, Schäffer was a 34-year-old seminarian who spent his free time surfing the beaches of Rio. He’d grown up near Brazil’s Copacabana Beach and had been surfing since he was a child. And he was known for leading prayer circles with his friends before heading out to ride the waves.

But Schäffer's life was cut short on a sunny morning in May, 2009.

Today's guest host is RACHEL GIESE.

-- Canadian director RICHIE MEHTA discusses the real-life inspiration behind his film "Siddarth," which tells the story of an abducted child in New Delhi.

-- Game developer and outspoken "Gamergate" critic BRIANNA WU talks about her rocky experience calling out sexism in the video game industry, and dealing with harassment as a result of that activism.