syria en Mid-State's Syrian Émigrés Watch Conflict Unfold <p>ANKARA, Turkey (AP) &mdash; The Syrian-American community here in Middle Tennessee is&nbsp;following&nbsp;the fighting&nbsp;in Syria&nbsp;closely.</p><p>NATO will hold emergency talks tomorrow to discuss Syria&#39;s downing of a Turkish jet fighter on Friday, but the alliance isn&rsquo;t expected to take military action even if it finds Syria at fault.</p> Mon, 25 Jun 2012 16:31:41 +0000 AP/WMOT 12497 at Tennessean with Ties to Syria is Frustrated <p>MURFREESBORO, Tenn.&nbsp;(AP/WMOT) &mdash; &nbsp;The death toll in Syria continues to climb. Three more deaths&nbsp;were&nbsp;reported&nbsp;Monday as the year-old uprising there continues.</p><p>There&rsquo;s a sizeable Syrian refugee population here in Middle Tennessee. They&rsquo;ve been active in recent months, staging local rallies in support of the&nbsp;Syrian people.</p><p>Murfreesboro resident Lema Sbenaty is of Syrian ancestry and has family still living there. Her aunt&rsquo;s home was badly damaged recently by government shelling.</p> Mon, 02 Apr 2012 16:39:48 +0000 Mike Osborne 9294 at