2012 election http://wmot.org en Burris On Media: Candidates http://wmot.org/post/burris-media-candidates <p>Quick, answer this question: how many candidates are running for president? For extra credit, how many candidates are republicans and how many are democrats?<br /><br /> Do you have the answer? Well, if you said anything but none, you&rsquo;d be wrong. That&rsquo;s right, there are no candidates. At this point there are presidential hopefuls, presidential contenders and presidential wanna-be&rsquo;s. But there won&rsquo;t be any official candidates until after the nominating conventions later this year.<br /><br /> So why is that important?<br /> Mon, 24 Oct 2011 17:21:25 +0000 Mike Osborne 3018 at http://wmot.org