Mike Osborne

News Director

Mike Osborne is the newest addition to the on-air staff at WMOT. He now serves as the News Director for Middle Tennessee Public Radio and can be heard on-air daily.


Mike has worked in media for most of the last 40 years, beginning with radio at the age of 14. His first broadcast experience was reading the news for High School radio station WRCJ-FM in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Two years later Mike landed his first professional gig, doing graveyard shifts at WKFI-AM, a small-town station in Central Ohio. After graduating from High School, Mike quickly moved up to become the station’s Program Manager at just 20 years of age.


For more than two decades, Mike worked for international radio station KNLS. The station broadcasts shortwave radio programs from transmitters in Alaska down the Pacific Rim and into East Asia. Mike served as the host for the station’s English Language Service transmissions for nearly twenty years. His on-air work generated listener response from more than 100 nations and all the continents, including Antarctica.


During his years with KNLS, Mike also did freelance work for several media outlets, including Voice of America, Associated Press Radio, World Vision Radio, the USA Radio Network, and the radio division of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.




Wed October 3, 2012
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Big Mid-State Employer Sees Sales Decline

The 2012 Nissan LEAF

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WMOT)  -- Some disappointing sales numbers were released Wednesday by one of Middle Tennessee’s biggest employers.

Nissan reported a sales drop in September of 2.4 percent. The company’s North American division, headquartered in Franklin, fared somewhat better with a sales decline of just over one percent.

There were some bright spots. Sales of the Nissan Rogue and Pathfinder were both up significantly.

Nissan says September sales of its new LEAF, all-electric vehicle, were the best the car has seen this year.

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Wed October 3, 2012
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JUST ONE QUESTION: Gera Summerford, Tenn. Education Assoc.

TEA President Gera Summerford

DENVER (AP) — The first of three presidential debates takes place tonight in Denver.

The televised face-off between President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney is a chance for voters to size up two fierce competitors, just five weeks before Election Day.

WMOT News is asking Tennesseans what one question they would ask the candidates if given the chance. Today, a question from Gera Summerford, president of Tennessee’s largest Teacher’s Union,.

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Tue October 2, 2012
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A Big Drop In Tennessee College Enrollment

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WMOT)  --  Enrollment at most of Tennessee’s public colleges and universities is down significantly this fall.

The Tennessee Board of Regents system is reporting a decline in full-time equivalent (FTE) enrollment of 4.4 percent from fall 2011. TBR’s six universities and 13 colleges are all showing flat or falling enrollment.

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Mon October 1, 2012
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Summer Drought Impacts Murf. Tree Restoration Project

Tenn. Environmental Council

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WMOT)  -- Middle Tennessee farmers aren't the only ones feeling the impact of this summer's heat and drought.

The Tennessee Environmental Council says that about 80 percent of the tree seedlings it planted last year along the Murfreesboro creek that runs parallel to North Rutherford Blvd. have since died.

Dozens of local residents, including a large contingent of students from Middle Tennessee State University, helped the environmental group plant the trees.

Council Director John McFadden says it's important to get the the seedlings replanted.

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Mon October 1, 2012
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Tennessee Voter Registration Ends October 8

SHELBYVILLE, Tenn. (WMOT)  --  Tennesseans have one week to register to vote in the upcoming presidential election. Registration closes on Monday, Oct. 8.

Voters should keep in mind that Monday is Columbus Day, a national holiday, so post offices will not be open that day. Anyone planning to mail in a registration will need to have it postmarked by no later than Saturday, October 6.

Voters also need to remember that Tennessee has a new voter photo ID requirement.  Bedford County Election’s Coordinator Summer Leverette explains.

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