15 years of Late Night Jazz on 89.5. Bob Parlocha cotinues to delight

Feb 1, 2012

2012 marks the 15th anniversary of Jazz with Bob Parlocha on WMOT, 89.5FM.  Voted the #1 best syndicated jazz network by readers of Jazz Times Magazine, Jazz with Bob Parlocha has become one of the most beloved programs on 89.5FM.  You can hear the show every night at 9:00.  Here are a couple of many WMOT donor comments about Jazz With Bob Parlocah on WMOT.  

"Love Bob Parlocha giving nightly classes/lectures on the air about music. This guy is a true musical professor.He  is the best. I have learned a lot from him. Pound for pound or note for note he is on par or better than any jazz radio show anywhere in the local universe!"  

 " I believe that WMOT is one of middle Tennessee's most valuable assets. One of my favorite programs is Jazz with Bob Parlocha...I frequently work late at night and I am continually amazed at the selections Bob locates, analyzes and plays for what has to be an enthusiastic audience. Keep up the good work." """"'"""'""'