2012 Tenn. Campaign Fundraising Recalls '04 Election

Jul 13, 2012

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WMOT)  --  If fundraising is any indication, Tennesseans will cast their votes in this fall’s presidential elections much as they did in 2008.

Republican John McCain picked up all eleven of Tennessee’s electoral delegates that year with just under 57 percent of the vote. Roughly 42 percent of Tennessee voters cast their ballots for Barack Obama.

Information compiled by the Federal Election Commission shows that President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney are raising money in the 2012 election in almost exactly the same proportions.

To date, Tennesseans have donated about $2.9 million to the two campaigns. Mitt Romney has raised just over $1.6 million, or 55 percent of contributions. President Obama has raised roughly $1.3 million or 45 percent of contributions.

Davidson and Williamson counties lead contributions to both parties by a wide margin, with Williamson County donating out of all proportion to its population.