AARP: $30 for every $1 spent on Medicaid Expansion

Mar 20, 2013

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP/WMOT) — A study commissioned by the AARP finds that Tennessee would reap nearly $30 for every dollar spent on expanding Medicaid.

The study was delivered this week to Gov. Bill Haslam's administration and the speakers of the House and Senate. The report notes that the state's participation in Medicaid expansion would result in $9.4 billion in direct federal funding through 2019.

The study says that federal money would result in additional production of goods and services valued at more than $17 billion and wages, salaries and benefits worth nearly $8 billion.

Karin Miller is an AARP-Tennessee spokesperson.

“Number One: Folks should understand that if Tennessee does not expand Medicaid that money will go to other states. So that’s our tax dollars that will be going to other states."

Governor Haslam says he plans to decide whether to recommend Medicaid expansion by the end of the month. Lawmakers would have to approve an expansion as part of the annual budget process.