Ads Opposing Tenn. Abortion Amendment Criticized

May 28, 2014



NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP/WMOT) — Newspaper ads opposing a proposed constitutional amendment to give state lawmakers more power over abortions in Tennessee are drawing criticism for their depiction of a man in a turban trampling on a woman.

The ads placed in newspapers around the state by a group called Tennesseans for Preservation of Personal Privacy urge votes against the ballot measure, calling it the "Tennessee Taliban Amendment."

Some versions of the ad include the image of the man in a turban labeled Tennessee Legislature with a foot on a woman lying on the ground.

Remziya Suleyman is policy director at the American Center for Outreach. She found the image offensive, but was pleased by the bipartisan condemnation of the ads.

“Both sides of the debate have come out against the ad and I think that speaks for itself.”

WMOT contacted the group that placed the ads seeking comment, but a response has not been received.