Annual Tennessee Sales-Tax Holiday Begins Friday

Jul 30, 2013


MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WMOT)  --  Get your billfold ready for a workout. The State of Tennessee’s annual shopping tax holiday begins Friday.

No state sales tax will be charged this weekend on clothing, school supplies or computers.

There are restrictions. The clothing and school supplies must be valued at $100 or less. Computers must be $1600 or less.

Billy Trout with the Tennessee Department of Revenue notes that this is the state’s 8th annual tax holiday and says that shoppers saved $8 to $10 million dollars on their purchases each year.

While the tax holiday is popular with parents buying for children headed back to school, Trout points out the tax holiday isn’t just for families.

“ You don’t have to be a child going back to school, it could be an adult for work purposes or recreation – that sort of thing.”

The state sales tax holiday begins Friday morning and continues through Sunday night.  See for more information.