Astronomer Makes the Stars Sing

Nov 22, 2011


NASHVILLE, Tenn.  --  Astro Cantus is an I-phone app that gives voice to the stars.

The musical app is the brainchild of Rocky Alvey, Director of Vanderbilt’s Dyer Observatory in Nashville.

The application uses sky charts to assign musical values to the stars that are passing overhead at any given moment. At present, musical values are assigned according to the star’s brightness, but Alvey says most any astronomical data could be used.

According to the Vanderbilt astronomer, people who have downloaded and used the app quickly realize that the possibilities for expression are almost endless. Alvey says that's only natural because, "You're talkin' about the universe."

The application is especially popular with people who are visually impaired, Alvey says.

Astro Cantus is currently available on i-tunes.