Australian Hula Hooper Marawa Cup Talks About Global Circus Performers on The world for 5-6-14

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If you didn't get the memo on climate change, President Obama will be out in front of the cameras today, making sure you get it now. The White House is releasing the results of a four-year survey on the impact of climate change across the country, including extreme weather and rising seas. We'll dig into the details of the report with our environment editor Peter Thomson.

Scottish researcher Zara Gladman leads a double life. By day, she works for a non-profit Science festival. She's voting "yes" for Scottish independence in the fall. By night, though, she transforms into Lady Alba, a Lady Ga-Ga knock-off who croons songs about voting "no" on independence.

Also today, Australian hoola-hooper Marawa Cup tells us about the global world of circus performers who routinely cross borders to train and perform.