Chiwetel Ejiofor on Q and Jian Convenes Q's Sports Culture Panel for 2-24-14

TODAY on "Q" 

-- With the 2014 Sochi Olympics behind us, Jian convenes Q's SPORTS CULTURE PANEL to look back at the highlights of these Winter Games, and weigh in on how they will be remembered. On the panel this week are Toronto Star writer MARY ORMSBY [ORMS-bee] and Sportsnet Magazine writer STEPHEN BRUNT.

-- Actor CHIWETEL EJIOFOR [CHEWA-tell EDGY-oh-for] discusses his indelible performance as Soloman Northrup -- a free black man who is enslaved -- in the pre-Civil War epic "12 Years a Slave." Ejiofor is up for Best Actor at this Sunday's Academy Awards.