Enter The Takeaway's SoupOrBowl Recipe Contest!

This year, people from across the country will brave the cold at New Jersey's MetLife Stadium to participate live in one of America's most beloved traditions: The Super Bowl. Even though we all won't be shelling out big bucks to head to the stadium on game day to freeze our butts off, we thought we'd come up with a way for public radio listeners all across the country to have a little half time fun.

We're hosting a recipe contest—Takeaway style. We want your best Super Bowl half-time recipes—your soup or bowl recipes, that is.

Submit your best soup recipe or a food that goes in a bowl. We’re not talking about dips here people—we want recipes for real food!

Whether your team made it to the playoffs or not, we dare you to give us your best, heartiest hot recipe. But it's got to be either soup or something that's hot and can be served in a bowl to fit in with our "Soup or Bowl" theme.

Submit your recipe below and our judge Dan Pashman, founder and host of the Sporkful Podcast, along with the foodie folks here at WNYC, will whittle down the best entries to four dishes before game day. If you want to brag about your recipe or submit a photo tell us about it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram by using the hashtag #SoupOrBowl.

If you win, the glory of Dan and our Host John Hockenberry noshing your recipe on air is yours! (Ditto for the bragging rights). Good luck and happy cooking!