Find Out the Effects of Climate Change on French Champagne on the World for 5-12

PRI's The World - with Host Marco Werman  

If you like your bubbly you're going to want to tune in today to find out what climate change is doing to grapes in France's champagne region. There's good news and bad.

Also today, our friend and colleague Rhitu Chatterjee tells us what it's like to be back in India for national elections. She recounts how her elderly mother, who rarely leaves the house these days, was determined to get out to the polls.  And Indian-American writer Zahir Janmohamed explains why Gujarat's history of Hindu-Muslim tensions and violence forms the backdrop to this election.

Plus Michael Kirk of our partner program Frontline here at WGBH tells us about the long line of would-be whistleblowers at the NSA who predated Edward Snowden. Kirk produced and directed tomorrow night's new Frontline show "United States of Secrets."