Fire Marshall Warns of Cold-Snap Fire Hazards

Oct 5, 2012

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WMOT)  --  With temperatures falling this weekend area fire departments are warning residents about fire hazards.

Murfreesboro Assistant Chief Fire Marshall Ken Honeycutt says he sees avoidable tragedies every year at this time as people turn on some type of heat.

Honeycutt says one problem he sees routinely in the fall is people pushing furniture up too close to wall-mounted, thermostat-controlled electric heaters during the summer months.

“Some of this furniture may get pushed to close to one of the wall heaters, then you get a cool spell come through and that wall heater will kick on and we usually have fires because of that. All space heaters need space. You need to keep at least three foot clear space around all space heaters and wall heaters.”

Before you use a floor-model electric heater, be sure to check its power chord for fraying and never plug them in using an extension cord.

Remember you need ventilation with kerosene heaters and always take them outside for refueling.