Franklin Police Get Creative to Solve 22 Year-Old Murder

Mar 26, 2013

FRANKLIN, Tenn. (WMOT)  --  Franklin police are getting creative in an attempt to solve the city’s only unsolved murder case.

Forty-nine year-old Franklin resident Peggy Cox was killed while working at the Hardees drive through on a February night in 1991. Police followed up on several leads at the time, but have had no luck solving the case in the 22 years since.

So Chief David Rahinksky has arranged for a society of forensic experts based in Philadelphia to review the case. The Vidocq Society draws on the expertise of forensic specialists from 17 states and 11 countries.

Spokesman Officer Eric Johnson says the department is hoping the society may develop new angles to the case that local investigators haven’t considered.

“One of our detectives, who is actually our lead investigator on it now who is looking at it, will go up there along with the Chief and present the case to the society. He’ll take some evidence that we are able to release to them and let them take a look at it.”

Franklin Police are asking for your help as well. Anyone with information that could help investigators bring closure to the Cox family by solving this case is urged to contact the Franklin Police at (615) 794-2513