Fresh Looks at the Iraq Issues on The World for 6-20

Happy Friday.

Hope all enjoyed our joint program with The Takeaway yesterday on the Iraq crisis.  It's back to your regular "World" today.

We're tackling fresh angles on Iraq today - Marco snags an interview with a spokesman for Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki. We also hear from Canadian photojournalist Rita Leistner about her time in Iraq.   She covered the opening days of the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq from the northern province of Kurdistan, where she documented a unit of women in the Peshmerga militia.

Meanwhile, when Felix Sanchez turned to Univision for its World Cup coverage he was alarmed by the racial and cultural slurs he heard there. Marco chats with him about the words he heard and the campaign he launched to make Univision aware.

And Carol Hills brings us the story of Pakistani cartoonist Sabir Nazar, currently a fellow at National Endowment for Democracy in DC.  He tells her how challenging it is to document democracy and extremism in a country where certain images are banned.

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