Ft. Campbell Civilian Workers Face Fewer Unpaid Days

Aug 6, 2013

Credit campbell.army.mil

WASHINGTON (AP) — Civilian workers at Ft. Campbell got some welcome news Tuesday. Pentagon officials say they face fewer mandatory, unpaid furloughs in the weeks ahead.

Just over 800 Ft. Campbell employees are being furloughed one day each week as a result of sequestration budget cuts. The Associated Press says that civilians facing 11 unpaid days off will have those cut to six days.

Officials say the Pentagon has found sufficient savings in other parts of the budget to restore some civilian pay.

Clarksville Leaf-Chronicle Editor Richard Stevens says troop reductions are definitely in Ft. Campbell’s future, but he doesn’t expect deep cuts.

“There’s going to be some reduction in troop strength over the next several years we think, but nothing major. There’s no risk of closure, and there’s no risk of it being hollowed out, so we think we’re in pretty good shape.”

Ft. Campbell is home to about 30,000 active duty troops and employs roughly 4000 civilian employees.

Civilian workers are now in their fifth week of mandatory furloughs.