Governor Signs Guns-in-Schools and Ignition Interlock Bills

May 16, 2013

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Governor Bill Haslam has signed two bills that received a lot of attention in the most recent legislative session.

Haslam announced today that he's signed the latest revision to Tennessee's ignition interlock law. It will now apply to more drunken drivers.

Currently, ignition-locking devices, which force drivers to pass breath tests to start vehicles and keep them running, are required for DUI offenders whose blood alcohol level topped 0.15 percent.

This bill drops the level to the intoxication threshold of 0.08 percent and would require first-time offenders to get the devices. In turn, those convicted of DUI won't get a restricted driver's license and will be allowed to drive anywhere.

The governor has also signed a bill that allows school districts to let people with police training be armed in schools.

It allows schools to hire retired law enforcement officers after they meet certain requirements, such as completing a 40-hour school security course.

The measure makes information about which teachers are armed or which schools allow the guns confidential to anyone but law enforcement.