From Hoops to Carrot Cake in Spain on The World for 3-27-14

PRI's The World - with Host Marco Werman  

Turning hoop dreams into carrot cake. In Spain. Stick with us -- we'll explain.

But first, President Obama continues his European tour with a stop in Italy to meet with Pope Francis. That's a whole lot of "hope and change" wrapped in one meeting. We'll take a look at the symbolism of these two world leaders coming together. We'll also hear how the Pope's election led one Argentine, who happens to be from Francis' home town, to rethink his stance on the Church.

Also, the Israeli consul general in Boston swings by to chat with Marco. Why? Well, he's on strike, along with the rest of Israel's consular staff worldwide -- a first in Israel's history. We'll find out why, and also ask what a diplomat on strike actually does with his time...besides radio interviews, we mean.

Now, back to that carrot cake. Darryl Middleton is originally from Queens, but is now the owner of a restaurant in Spain. In between, Middleton spent more than a decade playing basketball in the Spanish professional leagues. The restaurant is his way of parlaying his Spanish hoops stardom into Michelin stars. For's all about the deserts.