How Will the Crimean Beaches be Changed if the Crimea becomes Part of Russia on The World for 3-18-1

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What’s on deck today?

Nude beaches.

Do we have your attention? Good. You see, Crimea is known as a great tourist destination...especially for those who, well, prefer to sunbathe in the buff. Now, there are fears that the beaches might have a different feel if Crimea is part of Russia, and not Ukraine. We'll hear from Moscow-based Natalia Antanova, who has been to these beaches in Crimea.

We'll stay in Moscow to hear about Russian President Vladimir Putin's address to Parliament, and we'll try to find out whether the US sanctions announced yesterday might be souring US business interests in Russia.

Also, the BBC's Tom Bateman has been reporting on the pilot and first officer aboard that missing Malaysian airliner. We'll speak with him.

Not enough for you? Well, we've got a great story about how people in Mexico City are ditching cars, and taking up cycling. And speaking of don't like the new Formula One racing engines. The problem? They're too darn quiet.