It's About Nelson Mandela and the Future of South Africa on PRI's The World

Today "The World" kicks off in South Africa for more on the passing of an icon.  We'll talk about South Africa post-Nelson Mandela and examine Mandela's impact in some surprising places around the globe.  We'll also go beyond the many tributes to explore the historical context of Mandela's life and times.

We'll feature our own Anders Kelto in Cape Town.  Anders been reporting all year on a particular high school there and he's been chatting with students about Mandela's influence.

We'll hear from BBC South Africa correspondent Milton Nkosi, who, along with the profound, talks about the playful encounters he had with Nelson Mandela - and about the shape of thing to come in South Africa itself. 

And we'll move beyond the man himself to explore Mandela's impact on education policy, the battle against AIDS, and the lessons of his actions for resolving conflicts from Nigeria to Syria.  We'll also be sure to include a wrap-up of other major stories in the world today.