JUST ONE QUESTION: Education Tops Antioch Listener's Concerns

Oct 16, 2012

WASHINGTON (AP/WMOT) — The stakes are high tonight as President Barack Obama faces off against Republican challenger Mitt Romney in the second of three presidential campaign debates.

The meeting will take place on the campus of Hofstra University in New York. Undecided voters attending the debate will get a chance to ask the night’s questions.

WMOT is asking Tennesseans what one question they would ask the candidates if given the chance. Today we hear from Scott Smith. Smith lives in Antioch and works retail sales in Murfreesboro.

His question has to do with funding for education.

“Well I’ve seen several county schools delay the start of school due to a lack of funding. As the husband of a teacher and a father of two small children, what would you do to guarantee this would not happen again.”

Smith says he thinks education should be a top priority for any administration and that school systems should get all the funding they need.

If you’d like to ask the candidates just one question, WMOT would like to hear it. Send your question to, news@wmot.org.