Live Performances by Chilly Gonzales Spice Up Q for 5-23

TODAY on "Q" 

Friday Live: live performance throughout the show from Germany-based Canadian musician Chilly Gonzales. He's worked in hiphop and electro, and collaborated as a musician producer with the likes of Daft Punk, Feist and Peaches...but in recent years, he's been performing as a classical pianist. Today he'll talk about, and play from, his recent work, the Re-Introduction Etudes...sheet music and a CD designed to bring lapsed piano students back into the fold.

Jian speaks to Sarah Baker, the actress behind the viral Louise C.K. 'So did the Fat Lady' scene. Her character's blunt assessment of dating as a fat woman has struck a nerve. 

Q's media panel, with's Judy Rebick, John Cruickshank, publisher of The Toronto Star, and Jonathan Kay of the National Post 

All-access rock photographer Lynn Goldsmith, whose decades of revealing and backstage images -- of performers from Springsteen to Chrissie Hyde, Bo Diddley to Iggy Pop -- are captured in the collection, "Rock and Roll Stories"