Maury County Set to Vote on Metro Proposal

Feb 23, 2012

COLUMBIA, Tenn. (AP) — The Maury County Commission has voted to oppose metropolitan government in the county.

Commissioners voted 15-3-3 Tuesday on the proposed consolidation. According to The Daily Herald (, three other legislative bodies in the county have also opposed the change.

Daily Herald Editor Chris Fletcher said the proposal’s detractors are primarily to be found in the cities of Spring Hill and Mount Pleasant.  A  metro charter would make further annexation difficult, leaving the two fast growing towns essentially landlocked.

Fletcher said supporters see metro as a cost saving move.

"Consolidating Maury County's government with the City of Columbia could offer some cost savings and efficiencies; that it would make Maury County more pro-business and stand out from its competition as far as luring new business and industry."

Early voting is already underway on the measure. Remaining voters will get a a look at the measure on Super Tuesday, March 6th.