Mid-State Doctor Leaves Practice to Volunteer Overseas

Jul 30, 2013

Dr. David Vanderpool
Credit livebeyond.org

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WMOT)  --  A well-known Brentwood surgeon, who recently closed out his practice and moved to Haiti to do charity work, is back in the mid-state this week.

Dr. David Vanderpool and his wife, Laurie, are back in Tennessee briefly for the wedding of their oldest son.

The Vanderpools sold most of their possessions and moved to Haiti in May. Doctor Vanderpool and his wife operate a medical charity that also does community development and micro-finance work.

The Vanderpools have been engaged in charity work overseas for more than 20 years, but Dr. Vanderpool says conditions in Haiti led them to devote themselves fulltime to the effort.

“It really needed me down there full-time. The people are suffering just so, so badly. We’re seeing a tremendous amount of starvation in our area, and there’s basically just no healthcare at all.”

Dr. Vanderpool says the ministry he formed to support the work is always in need of volunteers, both stateside and overseas. You can learn more about the charity at livebeyond.org.