"More Cops, More Stops" Campaign

Nov 21, 2011

NASHVILLE, TENN.  --  If you think you’re seeing more cops on the road recently it’s not your imagination. Police are out in force for Thanksgiving.

Tennessee is one of two states partnering with the federal government for what they’re calling the More Cops, More Stops experiment. The program is designed to reduce drunk driving, boost seat belt use, and crack down on speeding and distracted driving, particularly among young adult males.

Kendall Poole, Director of the Governor’s State Highway Safety Office, says the campaign is directed at one group in particular.

"When you look at the statistics on who is not buckling up, it's inevitably males ages 18 to 34.  If you look at our DUI statistics across the board, you're looking at the most egregious offenders are generally males ages 18 to 34. So that's one reason why we want to get that message across."

Poole says that young men make up 15 percent of Tennessee’s drivers, but account for half of the State’s fatalities each year.