Murfreesboro Man Killed in Shooting Tried to Save Child

Sep 4, 2012

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (AP) — The cousin of an Alabama man killed during a drive-by shooting during a cookout in Murfreesboro says he was trying to save a child.

Deborah Tuma told The Daily News Journal that 51-year-old Mickey Simmons of Demopolis, Ala., got shot in the neck early Monday morning as about 30 people gathered at her house for a post-wedding cookout.

Tuma says her duplex home and a few cars were also shot as the guests were preparing to leave.

About 30 people including 15 children were at the event following a wedding in Nashville.

The shooting happened just after midnight at her home. Many were gathered out in the front yard for an outdoor cookout.

Murfreesboro police were investigating Monday afternoon.