Murfreesboro Mosque Waiting on One Final Inspection

Aug 6, 2012

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WMOT)  --  The Islamic Center of Murfreesboro hopes to get permission to occupy its new worship center Tuesday morning. Spokesman Saley Sbenaty says the mosque is waiting for a final inspection by the State Fire Marshal’s office.

“There is one thing that we’re going to check tomorrow, which is the final fire pump and fire alarm inspection. Hopefully tomorrow around ten o’clock everything will be checked out and we’ll have the certificate of occupancy.”

The completion of the Mosque likely will not mean the end of efforts by Mosque opponents. Last week the plaintiffs who have waged a two year court battle to have the mosque’s building permit voided filed new motions in the case.

The plaintiffs are seeking standing in the federal court ruling that overturned their earlier victory in Rutherford County Chancery Court . That ruling denied the Islamic Center access to the mosque.

Spokesman Dr. Saleh Sbenaty says the Islamic Center will hold an open house for the community in the near future to celebrate the mosque's completion.