Murfreesboro National Guard Unit Deploying to Afghanistan

Jan 7, 2014


MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (AP) — Almost 100 National Guard soldiers based in Murfreesboro are deploying to Afghanistan.

The Daily News Journal reports that the soldiers said goodbye to their loved ones yesterday at the city's National Guard Armory as they prepare to go to Fort Bliss for a month of training before heading overseas.

Niki Gentry is a Tennessee Guard spokesman

“Currently we have approximately 400 members that are deployed worldwide. The total number since September 11 of 2001 has been approximately 28,000 National Guard members, both Army and Air National Guard from the State of Tennessee that have deployed globally.”

The guard says that more than half of the soldiers with Murfreesboro’s 269th Military Police Company have never deployed before. They’ll be deployed a maximum of 400 days.