Murfreesboro Police to Hold Gun Exchange Thursday

Jan 15, 2013

Credit MPD

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WMOT)  --  The Murfreesboro Police Department will conduct a firearms exchange this Thursday afternoon.

The MPD is partnering with the Murfreesboro NAACP and the Central Christian Church for the exchange in an effort to keep unwanted and unused weapons off city streets.

Anyone turning in a gun or guns will receive a Kroger gift card in exchange. MPD spokesman Kyle Evans wouldn’t say how much the gift cards will be worth, but did say that it’s a considerable amount and that the award will increase with the number of guns surrendered.

“There have been cases where people have had unfortunate events such as a suicide in their families. They’ve had the gun in their closet for many, many years. They don’t want to have anything to do with that gun, but they just don’t know what to do with it."

Evans says MPD will also accept BB-guns, pellet-guns, and even paint-ball guns, but will only provide gift cards for actual firearms.

The exchange begins at 1 p.m. Thursday afternoon in the parking lot of Murfreesboro’s Central Christian Church on East Main Street.