Murfreesboro Releases 2011 Crime Report

Mar 12, 2012

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WMOT)  --  The Murfreesboro Police Department has released its crime report for last year.

Overall, Murfreesboro saw a one percent increase in crime in 2011. The number of calls responded to by the MPD increased 11% during the year.  Spokesman Kyle Evans says the department had a busy year.

"Officers were responsible for almost 10,000 criminal charges, which was a 19 percent increase over the year before.  Officers issued 16, 500 traffic citations and about 14,000 warning citations throughout the city."

Several crime categories saw significant declines. Homicides were down from five to three. Reports of rape decreased from 40 to 29. Robberies dropped 31 percent to 121 incidents.

Reports of assault increased 12 percent in 2011. Burglaries were up three percent. Car thefts increased 16 percent to 173 vehicles stolen. Reports of Arson were way down, dropping from 15 incidents to just three.

The always controversial automated red-light enforcement system issued just under 12,000 citations in 2011. Fatal crashes on Murfreesboro streets dropped from six in 2010 to two in 2011.