Murfreesboro's growth rate twice that of Nashville

Oct 6, 2017

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (OSBORNE)  --  Middle Tennessee remarkable growth continues to get national attention.

WMOT reporting partner has ranked Murfreesboro the twelfth fastest growing city in the nation. When looking just at mid-sized cities, Murfreesboro jumps up to sixth in the nation.

Nashville also did well, ranking 39 in the list of 500 cities. Wallethub analyst Jill Gonzalez says that Murfreesboro is actually growing twice as fast as Nashville.


“Murfreesboro’s population has grown by just over three percent. Nashville is more like one-and-a-half percent. And a lot of that is working age population which means good things obviously for tax investment and business growth.”

Gonzalez says that there’s one metric where Nashville leads every other city in the nation by a wide margin.

“It did rank number one by a landslide in terms of its annual building permit growth by about a thousand percent. It really crushed the competition there.”

Gonzalez notes Middle Tennessee is still suffering from one leftover effect of the recession.

“Still want to see more of a decline in terms of its foreclosure rate of the housing units that have been foreclosed over the past seven years.”

Tennessee’s other major cities did not fare quite as well as Nashville and Murfreesboro. Chattanooga placed 228, Knoxville ranked 322, and Memphis came in at a disappointing 462 out of 500 cities.

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