Musical Exploring Post Traumatic Stress Comes to Mid-State

Jun 12, 2014


MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WMOT)  --  A mid-state psychiatric healthcare center is taking an unusual approach to reach war veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Centerstone of Nashville has launched an initiative called Courage Beyond directed at vets dealing with PTSD. To get word out about the services available Centerstone is sponsoring the production of a musical about PTSD drawn from the post-war memoirs of a World War II veteran.

Entitled “Ponder Anew” the musical is based on the memoirs of Lt. Herschel Ponder, who struggled with posttraumatic stress following his military service.

Courage Beyond’s Melanie Riddick says the musical will be staged at several different locations across the mid-state in the coming weeks.

“People, we think, just aren’t aware of what our soldiers might experience and what the transition back home is like for them. So we’re hoping this will open up their eyes to that experience and kind of make a point of why we need services like what we have at Courage Beyond.”

The next performance of “Ponder Anew” will take place this Sunday at the Spring House Worship and Art Center in Smyrna beginning at 3 p.m.  The show is free and open to the public.

Use this link to learn more about Centerstone’s Courage Beyond initiative.