Nashville murder rate hits 50-year low with 43

Jan 2, 2014


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Nashville police say the 2013 murder rate was the lowest in the 50-year history of the metropolitan government.

According to police, Nashville had 43 criminal homicides in 2013. That's a 31 percent decrease over the previous year and a 62 percent decrease from 1997, the year of the city's highest murder rate with 112 victims.

The 2013 number includes three homicides that occurred in previous years. They were included in the 2013 count for various reasons, such as the September discovery of the body of a person missing since 2009.

While major crime numbers for 2013 won't be finalized for a few weeks, Chief Steve Anderson said he anticipates an overall decrease there as well.

Anderson said he looks forward to making the city even safer in 2014.