New Online Health Exchange: Better, but Still "Glitchy"

Oct 21, 2013


WASHINGTON (AP) — In a White House Rose Garden event Monday morning, President Barack Obama acknowledging his health care law's rollout has not been smooth.

Obama encouraged Americans who want to sign up for insurance under new government exchanges to keep trying. He blamed problems in part on an overwhelming response.

“So far the national health care site,, has been visited nearly 20 million times, and there’s great demand at the state level as well."

The Primary Care and Hope Clinic in Murfreesboro is one of the mid-state sites where individuals interested in learning more about the health exchange can go for  assistance. The Clinic’s Cindy Rhea says the website is working some better.

“We’ve enrolled someone, and there are several other people kind of in the process finishing up their enrollment. But it is still glitchy. We do run into being kind of slow or just getting stuck.”

Rhea says that one of the factgors slowing things down is actually a good problem to have. She says there are more than 70 health plans available To Tennesseans on the website, and it’s simply taking some people a long time to compare plans and find a policy that fits their needs.