Obamacare Insurance Open Enrollment Ending Soon

Mar 21, 2014

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WMOT)  --  The enrollment window to sign up for medical insurance under the new Affordable Care Act closes on March 31.

If you fail buy a policy prior to that time you won’t be able to sign up again until October.  There will be emergency exemptions, but only for people in a few specific circumstances.

The Primary Care and Hope Clinic is one of the locations in Middle Tennessee where individuals can go for help navigating the new online insurance market place.  The Clinic’s Alex Moore says a lot of people who call or stop by the clinic for help are simply overwhelmed by the options.

“When they get to the part where they’re looking at the plans they can see anywhere from 40 to 80 plans that come up. So they just need some help filtering through seeing what their needs are and choosing a plan.”

At last count just under 80,000 Tennesseans had registered with the new online insurance market place.

Of those who have signed up in Tennessee, 32 percent are adults ages 55-64, while 28 percent are 34 and under.

Seventy-two percent of enrollees are opting for plans with a mid-level price.