Positive Response to Murf. "Love Your Muslim Neighbor" Billboard

Oct 10, 2012

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WMOT)  --  The Christian ministry Sojourners says response has been overwhelmingly positive to its billboard in Murfreesboro urging residents to “Love your Muslim neighbors.”

In recent months, Sojourners has placed the billboards in Joplin, Missouri, where a Mosque was burned down, and in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, where Sikh worshipers were murdered in their temple.

Sojourner’s Timothy King says Middle Tennesseans began writing to tell the ministry about the ongoing controversy surrounding the Murfreesboro Mosque and urging that one of the billboards be put up locally.  He says it only took a couple of days to raise the $2000 needed to pay for the ad.

King says most comments have been favorable, from both Christians and Muslims, but not everyone is happy with the billboard.

“We always do have a few people who just simply don’t agree with Jesus’ message to love your neighbors and they complain, but it’s something Christians have been saying – to love your neighbors – for 2000 years and we’re not gonna’ stop now just because some people don’t like Muslims.”

King says the ministry has just launched a new ad campaign in New York in response to anti-Muslim ads appearing in the city’s subway system.