President Obama to Make a Major Speech in Europe Today, Reaction on The World for 3-26-14

PRI's The World - with Host Marco Werman  

Forget what your mom said. Go on, slurp your noodles.

More on that in a moment.

But first, President Obama makes a major speech today in Europe. We'll be following that, and taking a hard look at whether the Obama Administration's much-celebrated "Asian pivot" is now being tested by events in Ukraine and Russia's response.  Is Washington's main worry now Europe? 

We'll also hear from a former editor at The Moscow News.  She just resigned because President Vladimir Putin started stocking the staff with political cronies.

Plus, the search is on for the black boxes from Flight 370.  That search is actually made more difficult by the decades-old technologies inside the boxes... which, of course, are painted orange, not black.

Also, an interview with Ghanaian-American author Kwei Quartey. His detective hero, Darko Dawson, is once again on the case, trying to solve a double murder on the Ghanaian coast.

And now back to those noodles. New York chef Ivan Orkin fell in love with Japanese ramen noodles years ago. So much so that he learned Japanese, and set out to open his own noodle shop. Slurp away, he says, with glee.