Prince Luitpold on the Sport of Jousting on The World for 7-25

Greetings from your Boston newsroom at The World.

We'll have an update on the Mideast crisis, including the Palestinian protests in the West Bank.

We'll talk about Iraq too, where the Sunni extremist group, ISIS, continues to make inroads. Valerie Hamilton reports from, El Cajon, a suburb of San Diego known as "Little Baghdad" because so many Iraqi refugees have settled there. These days, many of them are focused on what's happened to Christians in Mosul… now under the control of ISIS.

Also today, a profile of Syrian-American actor Jay Abdo. He's been huge in the Arab world for a long time, but now he's breaking into the American consciousness as well.

Plus, Prince Luitpold <LUTE-pold> of Bavaria tells us about the sport of jousting.  It mostly fell out of favor as a spectator sport in the 14th century, but it's still around. Every July, the world's largest jousting tournament is held at the prince's Kaltenberg castle.

And finally, John Smith is best known as the man who Pocahontas saved, or so he claimed. He also helped bring the English language to America, starting a global expansion of English-and its many accents-that continues today. The World's language editor Patrick Cox has the last instalment in his series on the evolution of English.