PRI's the World for 1-16-14

PRI's The World - with Host Marco Werman  

How does Homer Simpson say "D'oh!" in Spanish?

It's an excellent question, and we'll get the answer today when we feature some Mexican voice-over artists who dub cartoons and movies into Spanish. It turns out that Mexicans, who have long held pride of place as the go-to voice over folks in Latin America, are increasingly being replaced by other actors throughout the region.

We're also hanging with vigilantes in Michoacan. Global Post reporter Dudley Althaus has been travelling with the private militia that are trying to protect Mexicans from drug violence amid a perceived lack of government concern and firepower. Dudley tells us a lot of the militia members come from...California.

And here's one you won't hear anywhere else: India's sidewalk typists are becoming a thing of the past. They used to sit outside government buildings, typing up forms and documents on old typewriters. But now, technology is changing all that, and the profession is slowly dying out.

Finally, some baby talk. The World's language editor Patrick Cox gurgles and coos his way through two new studies about how babies acquire language. Goo, goo. Ga, ga..