Pri's The World for 1-17-14

PRI's The World - with Host Marco Werman  

Like many, we're anticipating the President's speech this morning. In it, he'll detail new curbs on NSA surveillance.

We're particularly interested in how young, connected people around the world are reacting to the President's speech. Has Mr. Obama really started a global conversation about the limits on government spying? How do young people in places like Pakistan and Tunisia, both countries with long histories of domestic surveillance, compare and contrast what's going on in America with the NSA? And maybe most importantly -- how have they changed their own online habits as a result of Edward Snowden's revelations? These are questions we don't hear other news outlets we will.

Also, we hear about Olympic athletes from India who are struggling to make it to Sochi to compete. Not only are they having a hard time getting their equipment, but their very own Olympic committee is at loggerheads with the IOC.

Staying in India, we'll bring you the story of the country's typists. They're a vanishing breed in this day and age.

Plus, what happens when you start writing letters to a suspected terrorist at Gitmo? Plenty, it turns out.