On PRI's The World--The Sochi Olympics Are Open

PRI's The World - with Host Marco Werman  

And just like that, the Sochi Winter Olympics are officially open.

We'll go on the ground to Sochi to figure out how the opening ceremonies went, but more importantly -- to figure out what events we should be looking out for this weekend. Then, to Moscow where residents look back at the 1980 Summer Games. Also, a Bostonian tells Marco Werman about the challenges of doing business in Russia, and The World's resident history buff Chris Woolf fills us in on Sochi's crazy backstory.

Also, a different kind of games begin, as US diplomats find themselves in the middle of a spat with their European Union and Russian counterparts over a very undiplomatic phone conversation that went public. We'll check in with one of our regular voice on all things diplomatic, former State Department official Nicholas Burns.

And speaking of Russia and diplomacy. And vodka. Marco chats with Mark Schrad, the author of a new book called Vodka Politics, which is all about the role of Russia's favorite tipple in the country's culture.