Problems with the Aug. 2 Davidson County Primary

Aug 28, 2012

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP/WMOT) — A public interest group in Nashville is calling for an investigation into the Davidson County Aug. 2 primary after several prominent Democrats were given Republican ballots.

Mary Mancini, Director of Tennessee Citizen Action, says Davidson County Sheriff Daron Hall was among those who was not asked which primary he wanted to vote in. State Sen. Joe Haynes says he was also given a Republican ballot.

Mancini says she doesn’t think the Davidson County Elections Commission  is taking the problem seriously.

“For the pole workers to not be trained well enough to know that they needed to ask which ballot people wanted, that’s a problem in itself. So we’re actually looking for a complete audit of the Davidson County Election Commission and how it functions, as well as a complete audit of the August 2 primary.”

Mancini notes that some contests were decided by less than 100 votes and so any voting irregularities could have altered the outcome.