Q for 1-16-14

TODAY on "Q" 

--  New York Time reporter ALAN SCHWARTZ believes the overdiagnosis of ADHD is fuelled by the advertising and marketing practises of BIG PHARMA. And Canadian ADHD expert Dr. GABOR MATE  on how the phenomenon is an indication of a much bigger cultural problem.

-- Ninety-four year-old track star OLGA KOTELKO and writer BRUCE GRIERSON of the new book “What Makes Olga Run” talk about their collaboration and what insights the average person can glean from their scientific quest into the mysteries of Olga’s astonishing vigour.

President of the Toronto Film Critics Association BRIAN D JOHNSON, Globe and Mail film columnist JOHANNA SCHNELLER  and the National Movie Critic for Postmedia News KATHERINE MONK share their thoughts on the newly-revealed Oscar nominees.