Q to showcase Best Episodes

During the final days of 2013, "Q with Jian Ghomeshi" will showcase some of its best episodes for listeners – with exciting guests like tennis legend, Bill Jean King, and singer-songwriter, John Mayer. The program will also countdown the top 20 albums of 2013 throughout December.

Lineup for end of year shows:

Thurs, December 26
Peter Buffet on bad philanthropy
Margaret Atwood on Maddadam
Lorde perf/interview

Fri, December 27
Arcade Fire
Every kid a winner is bad
L'il Bub's human

Mon, December 30
Internet addiction debate
Dana White
John Mayer

Tuesday, December 31
Janeane Garofolo
Bobby Orr
Slash as horror film producer

Wed, January 1
Billie Jean King
Les Miserables (maybe just Ramin?)
Chris Hadfield

Jian Gomeshi, host of Q