Rosie Wongsurawat a Headwriter for Thailand's Version of the Daily Show on The World for 3-17-14

PRI's The World - with Host Marco Werman  

Today, we introduce you to Rosie Wongsurawat.

What, you've never heard of her? After today, you'll know that she's one of the head writers for Thailand's version of the Jon Stewart show. It's called Shallow News in Depth. If you're lucky, we'll teach you how to say Moment of Zen in Thai.

But on more serious notes, we'll take you to Donetsk in Eastern Ukraine to see how folks there are feeling the day after Crimea voted to leave Ukraine and bid to become part of Russia. And speaking of the that move, we'll check in with two veteran US diplomats to find out where this leaves the United States and Russia.

Also, commuting in Paris got a bit tougher starting today. As of today, car owners will only be allowed to drive on alternate days. The French capital's not the first to try it. We'll look into the track record of other cities that have gone down this route.

And amidst all the green beer, pinching, etc., we'll have a different take on St. Paddy's day. We speak with a bar owner in New York who has only one thing to say to patrons today -- No Danny Boy! And he means it.