Sarah Marshall on Why Complex Women Characters Confound TV Audiences on Q for 4-11-14

TODAY on "Q" 

-- This year marks the 25th anniversary of breakthrough TV drama, "Twin Peaks". The David Lynch-created show centred on the murder of a homecoming queen... which has culture critic SARAH MARSHALL reflecting on the way that female characters are often most likeable to audiences when they're dead. She'll explain why complex women confound TV audiences, male and female alike.

-- The Q MEDIA PANEL reconvenes to explore failures in covering the recent provincial election in Quebec, and whether the media is acting responsibly with its round the clock coverage of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. On the panel this week are: Toronto Star publisher JOHN CRUICKSHANK [CROOK-shank], National Post comment editor JONATHAN KAY, and author, activist and co-founder JUDY REBICK [REB-ick].